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Room and Linen Spray

Homemade Room and Linen Spray.

Freshen up your living areas with some Scented Room and Linen Spray. A few sprays in the room or on some furniture helps bring the fresh scent into your living area.


Our 6 oz. bottle of lavender scented linen spray is great for freshening up your sheets, pillows, and blankets in-between washing. Use on your sofa, in your vehicle, freshen up your clothing or wherever - whatever needs some TLC (i.e. your teenage son's backpack). Disclosure: Not all fabrics and surfaces are designed to withstand any kind of spray or moisture (example...silk, leather, etc.). Please read fabric instructions and test a small area before use. PS: Our product is highly fragranced; a little goes a long way, so you may use the product sparingly.